This is an amazing 4-week program for garage gyms or home gyms for anyone aiming to train glutes/ legs. We always recommend full-body training to get the best results. This just adds some extra work to the glute area. This program comes with no additional coaching. If you would like additional coaching please reach out to us at 


Words of advice


Substitutions- If you do not have a barbell you can sub it out for a dumbbell or any heavy object.


For those at home, water jugs, detergent bottles, cat food and more can do the trick.


Weeks 1 and 3 are identical in the step up. Aim to add 1 additional set per each exercise.


Weeks 2 and 4 are identical in the step up. Aim to add 2 additional sets per each exercise.


Put a rest day in between the workouts.

Drewism Glute Building Home Workout



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