New Year?

Wait until New Years or Not?

This is the Sauce Maker (me), Lion, Drewsoph (ok with the nicknames) giving some tips on New Year (not years) resolution. The most common one I hear is🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 IMMA DROP THIS WEIGHT.

If that’s your goal let me give you some realistic tips to help. Get with someone who does nutrition. Here are two names @lindseystroker & @clare_resilient . Why do I say this first before getting a new outfit or signing up for some magic plan? Nutrition is the foundation. If the foundation is off everything else will eventually be off. When people say, “I don’t eat bad” they’re usually referring to a good day they had. Someone who does nutrition can help you be accountable which we all need. Be honest, we ALLLLLL could use help unless your @allstallone in ROCKY 4.

Small consistent steps will do more than here and there big jumps. If 50lbs is the goal stretch it out over the year. Maybe 2lbs a month (don’t frown on that one). If you want to drop 50lbs, it’s new habits you need to create. Your old habits or ways won’t sustain you.

Lastly, start now. You got three weeks until the New Year. This gives you a head start. Share this to help someone!

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