Lose it fast or Naw?

Weight loss Tip- 1 lb at a time. Be patient, consistent, and realistic.

If someone is selling you something that promotes fast weight loss, RUN. If they want you on their team to sell weight-loss products, RUN.

Get it here best friends. Pull up your seat RIGHT NOW!

If you've gained a significant amount of weight over a period of time, allow a period of time of consistent good habits to take it off and keep it off. Anyone can lose a ton of weight fast but it's keeping it off that is the real thing.

Why does Drew post things like these? I'm usually daily/ weekly about how to lose weight fast and my answer is, "DONT LOSE IT FAST". Small consistent steps are my motto.

I apologize if I don't have any teas, shakes, wraps, or anything to sell you. I do have ways to help people get out of the yoyo cycle of weight gain etc!

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