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Weight loss Tip- 1 lb at a time. Be patient, consistent, and realistic.

If someone is selling you something that promotes fast weight loss, RUN. If they want you on their team to sell weight-loss products, RUN.

Get it here best friends. Pull up your seat RIGHT NOW!

If you've gained a significant amount of weight over a period of time, allow a period of time of consistent good habits to take it off and keep it off. Anyone can lose a ton of weight fast but it's keeping it off that is the real thing.

Why does Drew post things like these? I'm usually daily/ weekly about how to lose weight fast and my answer is, "DONT LOSE IT FAST". Small consistent steps are my motto.

I apologize if I don't have any teas, shakes, wraps, or anything to sell you. I do have ways to help people get out of the yoyo cycle of weight gain etc!

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In my field, I’ve come across countless men and women who struggle with how they look. To others, they might appear fine but inwardly it’s a roller coaster.

What we usually see is someone is told by someone of authority or someone esteemed by how they SHOULD look. That becomes the BIBLE now to that person. Or social media that they aren’t accepted for looking a certain way. Or they will be accepted if they start to look a certain way.

This usually will send most into some emotional spirals. Causing many to hate their body features and even themselves.

We aren’t supposed to be cookie-cutter

images of one another. How boring would that be? Practically every photo you see in a magazine will have been digitally altered.

So what to do? First I’m not a therapist but can give some tips.

A. The person who told you how you need to/should look is not God. Speak back to yourself that you’re amazing and made in God's image.

B. Negative talk won’t motivate you to change. Saying, “I hate my fat thighs I need to change” will be effective for a week. Maybe, “I love me and I want to take a healthy step forward to improving my physique”.

C. Post stick notes, index cards, screen savers, or whatever to serve as reminders.

It’s hard work but it’s necessary and you can do this!

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The bad grammar is on purpose :) Proper discipline leads to self-motivation, self-control, and emotional stability over the long haul. Discipline is a way of life, where one tries to be on time and live systematically. Discipline is not limited to money, riches, or poverty but it is just a personal orientation towards life.

This short ebook gives you some tips on seeing discipline in a whole new light. Be sure to get your copyright here

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